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Painting your home or business is no easy task. Whether you need to properly prepare the surface, remove old paint, or paint around furniture without making a mess, it can often take much longer than anticipated. While some people can do it themselves, we recommend that you call Great Falls Painting Company to do the work for you!
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About Us

We are a Montana painting company in Great Falls, proud to be serving this lovely community. It is our privilege to call ourselves painting contractors for the residents around our area. We specialize in many forms of painting, including residential painting and commercial painting. Our painters have vast experience providing services in many homes and businesses all around the Great Falls area. We are proud of our Argos and will continue to do our best to make sure Great Falls, MT, continues to grow as a beautiful city. If we can play a small part in this by providing competitive painting prices and superior customer service, we will be genuinely satisfied. Please choose Great Falls Painting Company for all of your painting needs!

Our Services

No two surfaces are alike. Whether you require significant repair work to properly prep a surface or brand-new material, it can all be a challenge. Our professional paint contractors take each job with an incredible amount of detail and attention to do it right the first time. We are proud to offer many painting services to our Great Falls clientele!

  • Improved property value: Should your house go on the market, a new paint job will increase value. Potential buyers are always looking for properties with great curb appeal. They also prefer homes that have received proper maintenance. An exterior paint job checks both boxes; thus, you can set up a higher asking price. 
  • Increased siding lifespan: Whatever type of siding you have for your home, a new coat of paint will help to improve its lifespan. Most siding will need periodical replacing to maintain its luster. With a fresh coat of paint, you will save hundreds in siding replacement too early. New paint can also help cover damage to the siding temporarily. 
  • Peace of mind: Lastly, you can rest easy after a fresh coat of paint. You won’t have to do any of the painting yourself! You will not have to worry about damage to your building materials for moisture because the paint will protect them. With our services specifically, you can rest easy for the next ten years and more because that’s how good our services are. 

We take pride in painting the exterior of homes all across Great Falls and will make your house beautiful! We paint trim, doors, siding, bricks, and much more.

Exterior Residential House Painting

Curb appeal is a huge factor when it comes to buying or selling a home. One of the first things someone notices when they pull up to a house is how well the paint colors match each other and the surrounding décor. Painting the exterior of your residential house has several benefits. Some are immediate, while others are noticeable after the painting is completed. Either way, you should consider seeking exterior residential painting services from us. Here is what you can expect after your exterior receives a new coat.

  • A matching theme or aesthetic: When you first moved into your house, everything matched, and if it didn’t, then you made it fit. You created a theme that matched, inside to out. Over the years, you may have made renovations and realized that you would love to switch it up. Most people start from the inside and work their way out. Repainting your exterior will help you maintain your new aesthetic. It will help you match your theme. 
  • Improved curb appeal: Curb appeal is the attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property, as viewed from the street. Simply put, it is how good your house looks from the street. With a bad paint job or aged coat, it may not look the best. With an exterior paint job from our technicians, your curb appeal will improve well. 

Interior Residential Painting

There are many reasons for freshening up the interior of your home, and paint colors and choices are some of the quickest and most effective ways to transform the interior of a house. From a distance, a paint job could look professional. However, take a few steps closer, and you will realize that it is not what you thought it was. You may have fallen victim to this once, but you should not let it happen again. There are a few ways you can check for an excellent interior paint job. These are:

  • Fixtures, knobs, and faceplates: A good painter would never get it on the light fixtures, knobs, or faceplates. However, they should not leave the space around them unpainted either. A good painter will always paint over these items or remove them to avoid getting paint on them while effectively painting around them. 
  • Consistency: Another good sign of professional painting is the consistency in color and coverage on the walls. From a distance, the walls may look fully covered in the same shade of colors. However, get closer to see if there are spaces with less coverage or fewer coats than the rest. A good paint job offers visual consistency. 
  • Damage: No good painter will paint on a wall with damage. One of the first things that painters do is assess the deterioration of the wall, if any. The painter will fix any cracks, splits, fissures, and holes in the wall before any painting can begin. Painting over these problems will affect the lifespan of the paint. Also, it will affect the visual appeal of the wall. 

  • Edges and joints: A fantastic way to check the quality of any paint job is by looking at the edges and the joints. Look at how straight the lines are, where two walls meet, or where the ceiling meets the wall—also, observe where two colors meet. The lines should be clean, straight, and almost flawless. It is the quality of a professional paint job. 
  • Number of coats: Lastly, your painter should apply more than one coat. No matter how thick and good quality the paint is, there should always be multiple coats. One single coat will not offer adequate protection to your house’s interior. You need multiple coats for the perfect paint job.

Partnering with us for interior painting means you receive access to the most talented technicians. Our painting services meet the quality check. Our team of professional painters has a lot of experience painting rooms, ceilings, baseboards, and crown molding and will do a fantastic job in your home.

  • Oil-based stains are better than water-based stains: It is always presumed that oil-based stains are better. However, depending on the weather conditions in the area, any of these stains will work well for the log house. An expert will help you determine what the right stain is best for your house. Also, oil and water do not mix, so if your log house already has an oil-based stain, you should stick to it because oil and water do not mix. 
  • Log stains are harmful to the environment: Stains have been wrongly accused of harming the environment. This is especially common for oil-based stains that do not have the best reputation among some people. Luckily, professionals in the industry can help to ease all your worries about this myth. Most stains are manufactured well and maintain an eco-friendly presence. 

As a responsible log homeowner, you should take every measure to maintain the beauty and integrity of the structure. Avoid falling victim to these myths and take measures to take care of your home. When you hire us for maintenance services on your log home, you will enjoy high-quality services at an affordable price.

Log Home Staining

There’s nothing more “Montana” than a log home. It is our privilege to stain log homes all across Great Falls and the surrounding area to make sure they look “Montana Fresh.” We have a variety of stains and will love to revive and maintain your log home.

Common Log Home Maintenance Myths
While looking up ways to maintain your log house, you are sure to come across a few facts that seem sketchy. It is normal to see such information going around, but we are here to let you know of a few myths to steer clear of.

  • You do not need to stain if you live in a dry area: The main function of stains is to repel moisture and protect the wood from harmful UV rays. Therefore, you still need to stain regularly to keep your log house protected. Dry areas also have a lot of sun exposure, and if you want the wood to last long, you should keep staining. 
  • All log stains are the same: This is a common misconception you will come across. Each stain has its chemical composition making them all different and unique. That is why staining the home yourself would call for analyzing the products available for staining. Considering how much research you would have to do, you are better off leaving it in the hands of professionals.

Fence Staining and Painting

Wooden fences are beautiful but need maintenance and upkeep to stay that way. For them to endure the elements, a proper coat of stain is necessary. Our team loves to be outside and paint fences. Our services will help to tie in the color scheme and feel of your entire property. We will make sure that a thick coat of stain or paint is applied to keep your wooden fence looking fresh and healthy for years to come. Our harsh winters and hot summers in Great Falls can be really hard on a fence if it is not properly cared for. Give us a call today and we can offer you a free no-obligation quote to look at your wooden fence.

Should I Paint Or Stain My Fence?
Staining and painting are both essential for proper fence maintenance. However, most homeowners and commercial property owners, too, get the two mixed up. You will often find yourself wondering what of the two is best for your fence. The public is usually divided on this, and that is why our experts chose to set the record straight. First things first, what is the difference between the two? For starters, the painting will use paint, while staining will use wood stain. Paint will sit on the surface of the wood, covering it in a thick coat. Stain, on the other hand, soaks into the wood, binding with the material. The stain will bring out the beauty in the wood, while the paint will cover any blemishes on the wood. Over time, paint on wood will start to wear by cracking or peeling due to exposure to the elements. Stains, on the other hand, will fade because they soak directly into the wood. Paint offers a lot more variety in colors than stains. Stains come in varieties, however, not as vast as paint. There are different shades of stains, meanwhile, paints come in thousands of colors.

If you want to transform your fence, paint is the ideal choice. It can turn a fence from beige to green because the coat sits on top of the wood. Stain can also transform wood, but it has a less dramatic effect than paint. The change is visible but not as transformative as paint. As for cost, stains are generally cheaper than paint. However, you will need more stain to cover the fence than paint since it soaks into the wood. Stain also needs less reapplication than paint. Professionals use brushes and rollers to paint fences and sprayers or bushes for stain application. When it comes to what you should use for your fence, let a professional guide you. However, if the paint has not been working well for your fence, consider switching to a stain and vice versa. Whatever you choose, however, you are guaranteed proper application and high-quality products. We are fence stain and paint experts.

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Commercial Painting Services

Businesses need to attract customers, and that is why you must have a pristine and flawless paint job on your commercial building. Appearance creates trust, and our team of painters will make your business stand out from the rest in Great Falls.

Sand Blasting

Sometimes to prepare a surface for paint you need to bring out the big guns. Our sandblasting service will remove even the toughest of rough patches on your home or business which will create the ability to cover it with a smooth coat of paint that does not show wear and tear. This is much cheaper than replacing the surface itself, so it is a wise investment! We pride ourselves on being the best sand-blasting crew in Montana. 

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“Have you ever tried to paint or stain a fence? It is a challenging process. We hired Great Falls Painting Company to do it right and they did just that. Would strongly recommend.” – Scott G.

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